Where Is The Best Place To Rent A Convertible Car In Cape Town

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It may not be the ideal time to Rent a Convertible Car in Cape Town but Wiggle Car Hire have a range of cars to rent in Cape Town.

Winter in Cape Town is much underrated. As I write, the rain is coming down in misty sheets. No, it’s not ideal convertible car hire weather, but this is the only day of bone-chilling damp this week, and already the sun is breaking through the clouds over Lion’s Head. The rest of the week is promised to be fine. So we’ve got some lovely weather and cheap deals at restaurants, golf courses, and empty beaches. We’ve also got cheap deals on convertibles…

cape town lions head

Nevertheless, we are making plans and looking forward to next summer. We are very happy to say that our second year of operation exceeded expectations. The Mx5’s proved why the model is the world’s most popular two seater sportscar. And the Mini Cooper was also a big hit. We learned that many people want a four seater convertible with a bit of extra boot space. We want to learn from our successes and further improve our offer and service for next year.

Convertible Car Hire Cape Town

We will still be offering the mx5s of all generations as our stock in trade. We will also have the Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper Sport. We will have a new BMW one series or similar. We will still be able to arrange the exciting AC Cobra and we also want to give you an offer of some more exotic sportscars, taking us into Supercar territory, of course, at a premium. In general we want to add newer cars to our fleet, because we have the cheaper end of the market covered now, but have still seen great demand for classy convertibles at under 1000 rand a day.

AC Cobras to Hire

We want to build on our reputation as the only company in Cape Town offering great convertibles at unbeatable prices. Whether for a single day, a longer holiday, or longer term rentals by the month. During the course of this year we introduced the innovation of the Wiggle Mix, a free CD of driving music to enjoy on the great sound systems in all our cars. More like this to come…

So please help us to plan for next year now by making your own bookings for next summer in June. If you do so you can still enjoy last season’s low prices with no VAT added.

Let us know what you need and what you want and we will see what we can do to make it happen.

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