What to do in a heatwave!!

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Cape Town hipster sweating

For all of you suffering from post-Christmas cold and lack of daylight in the Northern Hemisphere, please take some consolation from knowing things are tough down here in Mother City too. The mercury soared this week, the national grid (do we have a national grid?) threatened to blow a fuse, and even my cat was sweating. Perhaps the most challenged, as Hayibo, pointed out, were Cape Town’s resident hipsters.



“As temperatures soar in the Western Cape, Cape Town’s hipsters are struggling to keep cool in a “post-cool” world. According to the city’s hipsters, who are most commonly found clustered around a Vida e or leaning against a graffitied brick wall jamming on their ukeleles, the ongoing heat-wave has left them struggling to cope both physically and conceptually.

“Obviously we’re sweating ironically” said Josh Trustfund, flicking his asymmetrical fringe. “We’re just not sure whether to embrace sweat as a creative expression of ‘post-cool’, or to shun it as too mainstream” he added. “I mean, we were sweating long before it was popular.”

Yoga teacher Fey Downward-Dogg explained that hipsters are particularly well designed to deal with extreme heat, having no more than 2 percent body fat. But, she said, due to their extreme levels of self-awareness, the average hipster will often not move for hours on end.

“And that’s when the heatstroke gets them,” she said. “When they’re in their slug-like torpor that they think is ennui but is just the natural resting state of the middle-class malcontent.”

While the hard-core have apparently sworn to continue wearing their cigarette trousers and skinny jeans despite the heat, unconfirmed reports have emerged of hipsters being rendered unconscious, in an un-ironic non-political children’s cereal, Gauloises and a Polaroid camera.”

However, some “mainstream” citizens have welcomed the weather’s assault on the boudoir-biscuit-physiqued hipsters.

“I just wish they’d go home from their after-after-after-parties and get actual jobs,” said retired blimp-maker, July August. “I mean, they can’t all be professional photographers, can they?”

Caleb Parentally-Funded-Loft disagreed.

“People think we’re hypocritical, just because we rebel against social norms by paying way more attention to them than anyone else,” he said.

“I mean, they’re just being, like, non-deck, because we made up for our lack of athletic ability by exercising our influence in the fields of listening to stuff and putting on clothes,” he added, before pedalling off on his fixed-gear vintage bicycle.”

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Of course, there are better ways of dealing with the heat: throw back the hood, put the aircon on full blast, put the foot on the gas and drive down to Boulders and have a jump in the sea!


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