Luxury & Exotic Car Hire

Luxury car hire is about having exactly the vehicle for the moment. Exotic car hire is the perfect fit that transforms that moment into the defining experience. Luxury is the attention to detail and the seamlessness of the transaction. Luxury is about the bespoke solution where nothing else exists. And, of course, it’s feeling perfectly at one with your wheels.

We work closely with the best hotels and boutique guesthouses in Cape Town and when the concierges want the best for their guests, they come to us.

So if you want the luxury drive what you’re used to, or if you want a completely new exotic experience, why not put us to the test and see what we can organise for you. If you want supercars, we have Ferrari 458 Italia, Jaguar F type car hire, Audi R8 car hire to choose from. We have Range Rover for hire, Mercedes AMG for hire, BMW for hire.  In sedans we have the Jaguar XF for hire, BMW 7 series, Mercedes S Class for hire. And, of course, we have the best range of Convertibles in Cape Town for hire. So for the best in exotic car hire give us a call.

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Jaguar XF

jaguar xf for hire cape town

Audi R8

audi r8

Mercedes S350

S class Mercedes car hire

Mercedes C180

Mercedes C Class for hire

 BMW 750i

BMW 750i for hire

BMW 320i

bmw 320i for hire

VW Golf 5

VW Golf 5 for hire