Mini Cooper S For Hire

The Mini Cooper and Mini Cooper S convertibles – stylish fun in the sun.

The new 2016 Mini Cooper convertible was entirely remodeled for more comfort and more handling. A slightly bigger body shape has rendered a more supple drive and better handling, while it offers more power with a performance on a par with the older Cooper Sports models. By the same token it also offers more bootspace. The interior has also been tweaked with a whole plethora of tricks and features. It has all the obvious stuff for a fun around town ride such as bluetooth and bluetooth audio, aux input and USB, BMW connected drive, SATNAV. You can play with lighting colour scheme to your heart’s content. The Mini Cooper Convertible remains the archetypal young, fun convertible of our generation.

We also have the Mini Cooper S models with that turbocharged punch. So a range of minis and a range of prices. Message us or give us a call to allow us to talk you through it. Or just book the latest and best… We love mini.

Mini Cooper S for hire

Mini Cooper S For Hire

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