BMW M-Sports 220i for hire

We have a 2016 M-Sports package BMW 220i convertible for hire in Cape Town – top of the pile of the compact convertibles.

Slightly bigger than the old 1 series and smaller than the 3 series, the BMW 220i is the perfect combination of comfort and sporty performance. With its five different driving modes you can choose between miserly economy and thrilling handling and punch. It also has good boot space and you can fit two adults or two children’s car seats in the back. This 2016 model comes equipped with the latest BMW safety features, including an emergency panic button that uses the cars own SIM card to put you in touch with the BMW hotline, to immediately send help to the car’s GPS location. In the event of accident and airbags deploying help is dispatched remotely to the car’s location. It has rear view cameras, xenons, M-Sports steering wheel and trim, BMW connected drive, blutooth audio. This car is so easy to drive it’s pure pleasure, but it can also respond to your driving ambitions with ease and panache to match its sensational looks.

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M-Sports package BMW 220i Convertible


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