4×4 Vehicles for Hire

For those of you who want to travel in style and comfort, who have family or additional luggage then we can also cater for you with a range of superb 4x4s and Sports Utility Vehicles for hire. From the impregnable luxury of a Range Rover Sport, through the rugged road-dominating fun of the Jeep Wranglers, and the plush practicality of one of our luxury people carriers,  if  you want to feel on top of your game and on a par with the majestic South African scenery then one of these cars is for you.

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Jaguar F-Pace

jaguar f pace

Range Rover Sport

range rover sport

Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover For Hire

Mercedes ML 63 AMG 

Mercedes ML 63 AMG

Mercedes ML 400

Mercedes ML 400

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler for hire

Toyota Fortuna

Toyota Fortuna

BMW x5


Chrysler Grand Voyager

grand voyager

Peugeot 5008

peugeot for hire