Rent a Car This Winter And Save

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Rent a car from Wiggle Car Hire

We have a range of 2 and 4 seater convertible cars starting with the fabulous Mazda MX5 drop top cabriolet. All the way up to BMW 330′s, Mini Cooper S Cabriolets and AC Cobras. Occasionally we stock high end sports convertibles such as Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Ferrari.

Our hire cars are great value for money and available on long and short term rental schemes. Daily rates a snip, starting at R499.


Rent a car option 1: The Mazda Mx5



White-Miata Convertible - Wiggle car Hire

White Miata Convertible – Wiggle Car Hire

Enjoy breathtaking driving pleasure – All the splendour of the Cape in the world’s favourite ever sportscar!

If you want the best value and most fun topless experience out there then this is the car to go for. Through subsequent generations this car has always scored top marks with both critics and fans. The original mk1 eunos with its 1.6 litre engine and 5 speed gearbox and distinctive pop-up headlights is still a brilliant handler of curves and mountain passes. Who needs monster power when you can grip the road like a leech and weave like a swallow. For 499 rand per day the original classic roadster is absolutely unbeatable. If you are willing to travel light then one of our well maintained beauties will give you a great ride up and down the garden route.


Rent a car option 2: BMW 330ci Convertible



BMW 330 CI big-rims - Wiggle Car Hire

BMW 330ci big-rims – Wiggle Car Hire

The BMW 330ci convertible is a classic in the same way as is the Mazda mx5, a car that in its time has defined the genre. A Cape Town BMW dealer told me that in his opinion the 330ci was the best car that BMW had ever made, and that BMW made the best cars. (And that was after I had bought the one above from someone else).

In the 330ci you have a wonderful combination of comfort and performance. Fully automated roof and automatic transmission combined with the power of BMW’s 3 litre engine. All this combined with an iconic design, this thing is a true joy to drive. My only complaint about the 330 ci’s that we have is that when the sun is out, I don’t seem to be able to spend enough time in them. I just watch them on the tracking like an anxious parent.

Again Wiggle offers you unbelievable value for money. Just go check with the major companies the prices for their premium brand convertible rentals. There is nowhere else in Cape Town that you can get cars like these at the prices we offer.


Rent a car option 3: BMW 328i Convertible



BMW328i - Wiggle Car Hire

BMW328i – Wiggle Car Hire

We also still have the old dependable BMW 328i, the predecessor of the 330ci and definitely another classic shape. Doesn’t have the performance of the younger car but still a nice thing to cruise around in. You can get four people in and a bit of luggage, and it has the comfort of automatic transmission, electric roof, CD playing with MP3 input, aircon and… That’s about it. And we are giving her away from 499 rand per day.


Rent a car option 4: Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible



Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible - Wiggle Car Hire

Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible – Wiggle Car Hire

The Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible: As its name suggests this funky looking car shouldn’t be mistaken for a roadster. Indeed what other convertible has you sitting up so high or has such ample cabin space.

This is a great one for lazy touring and cruising up and down the stretch with some friends. Also she has a lot of boot space for a convertible with an electric roof.

Rent a car option 5: Mini Cooper S and Mini Cooper Convertibles



mini cooper S - Wiggle Car Hire

Mini Cooper S – Wiggle Car Hire

Now the mini cooper by BMW has become a contemporary classic almost overnight. With the update on the legendary styling combined with BMW engineering it seems like a perfect combination. We can offer both versions at the very competitive prices of 999 rand per day and 1299 rand per day for the turbocharged Sport version. Both are beauties with all mod-cons.

If you have any enquiries Contact Us OR Rent a Car.