Horses and Tattoos – Sex in the air this weekend in Cape Town!

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Something for everybody? Always…

This weekend we host two wildly different international events. The first is the annual J&B Met on Saturday at the Kenilworth racetrack. The second is the 4th international tattoo convention, with a weekend-long celebration of the art of INK written on the skin.

As anyone from Cape Town knows the J&B Met is probably the Mother City’s premier social gathering. 16 of SA’s best thoroughbreds will be competing for a 2.5m rand purse, in the focal event of a whole afternoon of racing. But the geegees are really just a pretext in most people’s minds for a day of partying and fashionable decadence. The tout Cape Town will be there decked out in their finery, with promotional tents trying to outdo each other, champagne and gin and tonics flowing. The horses certainly won’t be the only beautiful creatures undergoing a test of stamina, as the massive enclosure of the Kenilworth racetrack becomes a cauldron of competitive socialising-partying-networking. The weather is set fair. Good luck!

And if Body Art is your thing then you might be one of the many Centre at the V&A Waterfront, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Harley Davidson showroom, The Assembly and Down South.

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