In Safe Hands

In Safe Hands

Since 2010 it has been our business and pleasure to make your Cape Town stay the most exhilarating, thrilling and unforgettable experience possible. Our fleet of convertible cars extends from luxury sports cars to supercars and 4x4’s.

It’s about letting go, getting the wind in your hair and experiencing the rush of something different. Cape Town is a gateway to some of the world’s purest driving pleasures.Sun, oceans, mountains and beauty in every direction. It’s about getting from A to B in the best way possible; in style, comfort and the top down.Our personalised services ensure every rental is tailor made to suit your drive and enhance your holiday experience.

"Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities."

Frank Lloyd Wright

"The service was impeccable, and the car just added to our experience of Cape Town."

James May